• I’ve known Michelle for several years and her positive attitude and motivating nature, makes her the ideal trainer. She always inspires and wants the best for you.

    ​Vicki V.
  • Outstanding master of her craft; incredibly bright with a broad range of health and fitness knowledge; expert in running, weight training, and a warm, spontaneous personality that make workouts fun. Michelle Thompson is the real deal and is the standard by which any trainer should be measured.

    Craig M.
    Ontario, Thornhill
  • Michelle Thompson is a truly excellent trainer. She is tough and she works with the whole person – mentally, emotionally, and physically. Because of her efforts, I am stronger and more flexible, I have better balance and most importantly, working out has become fun. I recommend her without reservation.

    Elysia C.
  • I have trained with Michelle for over a year. She is skilled, thoughtful, sensible, and a pleasure to work with and talk to. She knows just how and when to encourage and when to push. Highest recommendation!

    Shawn D.
    Forest Hill, Toronto
  • Absolutely a challenging experience every time! Michelle has a unique way of creating a motivating and concentrated session that will help anyone achieve their fitness goals.

    Meron A.
    Yorkville, Toronto
* Kick off 2016 with a new workout routine. Book 10 training sessions before February 1st and receive 20% off.
Sports and staying active has defined who I am, I spent my youth in and out of swimming pools working my way up to a national level swimmer and long distance runner. The discipline of an athlete was imprinted in me until I faced a sporting injury that forced me to modify my training. Having to face my new athletic limitations helped me appreciate the power and importance of MOTIVATION.
The connection of MIND, BODY and SOUL is a significant part of my training. Feeling good and looking good requires a commitment to make healthy life changes and the challenge to reach a personal GOAL. As your trainer, my role is to MOTIVATE you to want to lead an active lifestyle providing you with the tools to get you off of your feet and keep you running.
My success stories is in the stories of my clients who were able stick to their routine even when the training sessions were finished. I offer a healthy and safe approach to fitness training pushing my clients to reach their full potential while simultaneously seeing results.


Fitness training is personal; my clients receive one-on-one training and motivational sessions where they are PUSHED to challenge themselves. The first meeting is a complimentary consultation session where we discuss your GOALS and MOTIVATION for wanting to improve your lifestyle. After a physical assessment, together we create a realistic workout regiment to keep you on track and to chart your progress. Fitness training does not have to be mundane. There are a number of ways to break a sweat and have fun.


The first step is making the commitment to wanting to make a change. Once you have mapped out your immediate fitness goals (i.e., run a marathon, loose weight) we will put a plan in action. * Kick off 2016 with a new workout routine. Book 10 training sessions before February 1st and receive 20% off.

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